Network Operations

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Our network

Our IP network announces both IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes out of several facilities in the UK and are present on LINX LON1, and LONAP internet exchanges.

Our telephony network provides transit for fixed phonelines and trunked systems.

Exchange IPv4 IPv6 Speed RS
LINX LON1 2001:7f8:4::3:2be1:1 10G
LONAP 2001:7f8:17::3:2be1:1 10G

IP Peering

We operate an open peering policy and are happy to peer with anyone over a mutual interconnection point.

We have the following peering preferences:

If you are interested in peering with us, please contact us at

We accept private peering requests on a case by case basis.

IP abuse

If you suspect abuse on our IP networks, please contact us at

We take these reports seriously and will endeavour to resolve any issues.

Telephony abuse

If you suspect abuse originating from our phone numbers or network, please contact us at

Please provide any numbers, timestamps and information about the call you can to help us resolve your issue.


We prefer to be reached via email as it allows us more context to deal with your request.

If however you feel a call is necessary you can reach us at +44 3337 999 999 (option 3 at the IVR).